Horror Movie List

“I am the whisper in the classroom.”

25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix I was looking at this list and thought it was interesting. Here’s how I feel about these films. All the films that are striked-through are films I have seen.

25 The House of the Devil (2009) May watch.
24 The Exorcist (1973) Hate it.
23 Deep Red Not interested. Dislike Dario Argento
22 Hour of the Wolf 1968 Not interested
21 The Evil Dead 1981 Love it.
20 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986) Enjoyed it.
19 A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) Disliked.
18 Session 9 (2001) Curious
17 The Burning (1981) Want to watch.
16 Dream Home (2010) Disliked.
15 The Sentinel (1977) Not interested.
14 Nosferatu (1922) Enjoyed.
13 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) Not interested.
12 The Last Exorcism (2010) Tried to watch, but quickly became bored.
11 The Host (2006) Love it.
10 Candyman (1992) Love it.
9 Trick ‘r Treat (2007) Love it.
8 Bloody Birthday (1981) May be worth a shot.
7 Jeepers Creepers (2001) Enjoyed.
6 The Faculty (1998) Boring.
5 Kidnapped (2011) Curious.
4 Atrocious (2011) Curious.
3 The Lost Boys (1987) Enjoyed.
2 Black Death (2011)  Want to check out.
1 Insidious (2011) Ok.

I think I will make my own list soon of films that I think people need to see. There are a lot of really good films on Netflix that are not on here. Are there any films on here that you want to see?

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a new nightmare

I have a ton of ideas about what to do with the Detrivore blog, but I feel unsure about it. I’m not a beauty blogger, and I hate taking makeup photos of myself. I want to start talking about different topics related to the company. Things that I am interested in. I want it to be unique, dark, and fun. I also don’t want to alienate and/or disgust people too much. So yeah, a bit torn about what to do.

After I found out about indie makeup, my first thought was that I want to do this too.  I’ve always been a person that enjoys creating things.While I enjoyed what other companies were doing, I just could not get into them thematically. None of them were dark enough. I’ve been drawn to horror films and literature since I was a very young child. Creepy things are always in my head. My brain constantly asks ghoulish questions that my imagination paints a delightfully evil story with. I would like to incorporate that more here on the blog and in Detrivore in different ways.

When I think about doing photo shoots with models, I think about creating gorgeous images that invoke a dark mood/theme more than just show off the makeup. I want to share photos, films, and other art that excites me.

Slendy image found on google

I am who I am and if that loses some customers that is ok. My company is a very important part of me, and so is horror, and I would like to share more about both of them here.



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EOTD: Dormant Topiary

The other day I decided to do some eye makeup using purple. I was wanting to keep it low-key though, since that’s the mood I’ve been in. I decided to use a bright purple with taupe, using Detrivore Cosmetics’ colors for exactly the look I wanted.

The lid color is Topiary, a light brown taupe with white shimmer. The purple color is Dormant, deep blueish purple with heavy pink shimmer. I didn’t use a sticky base to make the shimmers really pop, so it’s more subtle. The highlight is Lobotomy, a sheer gold color. The eyeliner is a dark, metallic violet pencil.

I’m wearing Detrivore’s Poison Blush, the perfect matte bright pink color. I went with a purple fuschia lip gloss from another company, but if I had it, I’d have worn Detrivore’s Lament, for a rosy lip color.

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new photos

As a one person micro-business owner, I do everything that is needed for my business by myself. Even the things that I am not very good at, like product photography. While I enjoy doing artsy, fun, gothy photos, actually taking good photos of small jars of powder is hard for me to do. The main goal of good product photography is to make the products appealing and to show the product as accurately as possible. I try and do the best that I can, but sometimes I wince when I look at my own photos.

I recently bought a better camera and a light box, and have been working hard to reshoot the Detrivore photos. Here are a few of the mattes that I have shot in the last few days. The photos are not perfect, but I feel they are better and more accurate.

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Happy 4th of July!




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first poll

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Detrivore Swatches, EOTD and a SALE!!!!

(This post was written by Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations and reposted with her permission. Check out her blog here.)

One of my favorite indies is having a sale right now. 10 full size jars of eyeshadow for $20. You can go to the sale HERE.

My EOTD using Detrivore Vaccine (yellow) and Chimera (green). Maybelline Elegant Lilac on Lips with Wet n Wild gloss over it.

And some swatches in sunlight, no flash:

I totally recommend Detrivore. Just as an FYI the TAT states that order processing time can be between 1-20 days. It’s worth the wait!

Thanks for reading.

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